Special Notes from Starting Out Right

Sept 2015 update:   we filled and distributed 292 backpacks to Piatt County students.  this number is much lower than our 2015 goal, yet over the months we learned the following: 

*over 90 children who received backpacks last year, either their family moved out of Piatt county, moved out of Illinois, or a few felt financially secure this year.  In addition, we discovered a similar program for DeWitt county (out of Clinton) that opened their doors to Deland-Weldon School children (they didn't know about us).  They helped a large portion of the need for this school, and SOR helped the other portion.   

We are VERY APPRECIATIVE of all the assistance we receive each year: supply and monetary donations, organizational drives, and all of the volunteers.  

Thank you to Piatt County residents and businesses as they stepped-up to allow 292 county children the opportunity to start their school year out on the right path to success! 

Update 2017: in 2016, we distributed 312 filled backpacks, and anticipate a need for 320 filled backpacks for 2017 school year.

Helping the youngest members of Piatt County IL to flourish 

A Small Hand