-Atwood Fire Department (Atwood) 

-Barnyard Treasures (Deland) 

-Bement Chamber of Commerce (Bement)

-Bement Lion's Club (Bement)

-Bement Masonic Lodge(Bement)

-Bement Village (Bement)

​-Brandon Hissong Dental (Monticello)

-Boy Scout Troop #39 (Cerro Gordo)

​-Boy Scout Troop #490 (Monticello)

-Burgess & Cline Insurance (Monticello)

-Casey's General Store Corporate (Atwood, Cerro Gordo, Deland, Monticello)

-Cerro Gordo Church of the Brethren (Cerro Gordo)

-Cerro Gordo Fire Department (Cerro Gordo)

-Cerro Gordo Masonic Lodge #600 (Cerro Gordo)

-Cerro Gordo Village (Cerro Gordo)

-CF&H Insurance (Monticello)

-Cisco Fire Department (Cisco)

-City of Monticello (Monticello)

-Clarkson Grain(Cerro Gordo)

-Christ Lutheran Church (Old Rt 47, Monticello)

-County Market (Monticello)

-Cub Scout Pack #122 (Monticello)

-Dobson Automotive (Bement)

-First Christian Church's Vacation Bible School, children and staff (Monticello)

-First Presbyterian Church (Monticello)

-First State Bank of Monticello (Monticello)

-Gillespie Auto Repair (Bement)

-Girl Scout Troop #3024 (Monticello)

-Girl Scout Troop #3272 (Monticello)

-Hope Welty Public Library, and their patrons (Cerro Gordo)

-Jeff Clodfelter's State Farm (Monticello)

​-Jennings Implement (Bement)

-JTA Foods (Bement)

-Journal-Republican (Piatt County news coverage)

-Knights of Columbus (Ivesdale)

-Los Toros (Monticello)

-Lucia Catering  (Monticello) 

-Matt's Lawn Care (Monticello)

-Meijer (Champaign)

-Monticello Bowl (Monticello)

-Monticello High School (Monticello, use of library to assemble the majority of backpacks)

-Morris & Son's Implement (Bement)

-Piatt County 4-H Robotics Club, Ulti-Mat Master Builders (Monticello)

-Premiere Cooperative (Ivesdale)

-Rick Ridings Ford (Monticello)

-Rotary Club of Monticello IL (Monticello)

-SeniorCare (Monticello)

-Shopko Foundation (Monticello)

-Southern Piatt Record Herald (Piatt County news coverage)

-State Bank of Bement (Bement)

-3 Ravens (Monticello)

-True Value (Monticello)

-Van Horn Inc (Cerro Gordo)

-Weber Auto Body (Monticello)

A Small Hand -

Piatt County Cares

updated 8/15/2016


Local Businesses and organizations who were generous in assisting

Starting Out Right 

Please remember to patronage them and show your support in kind

additional businesses to be added as donations/support are received