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Piatt County Cares


TI-84 plus graphing calculators are highly recommended for most high school students. Due to the cost, we are seeking used models that can be donated 

 we've compiled this listing of most needed items from all of the schools' lists; if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at  asmallhandpiatt@gmail.com  

We will accept donations at any time of the year!!

backpacks for jr high /high school students are highly needed

these are larger backpacks with extra storage  

we will also accept backpacks for elementary students too

as quantities are fulfilled,

we will cross the item(s) off the listing

updated 6/07/2018

Pencils: #2 and mechanical with refills

Colored Pencils, 8 count, primary colors

Pencil Sharpeners (prefer enclosed version)

Ink Pens: blue, black, red 

Pink (pink pearl) Erasers

Highlighters: yellow and multicolored packs

Ultra-fine point Sharpie markers, black

Washable school glue: bottles only

(a local church committed to getting the needed glue sticks)

Pencil box-8x5 and Pencil pouches 

Crayons: 24 and 48 counts only

Washable markers, 8 count, conical tip, primary colors 

Watercolor paint set, classic colors only

Play-doh, assorted colors

Dry erase markers, black, chisel tip, low-odor 

2-pocket folders with and without clasp, assorted colors 

Vinyl plastic 2-pocket folders without clasps, assorted colors, 3-hole punched 

½”  3-ring view binder, white 

1”  3-ring view binder, prefer black or white; other colors ok 

1.5" 3-ring binder, any color

2" 3-ring binder, any color 

Zipper Binder, any color, large 3-ring 

Composition book (100 page, wide rule, black/white preferred) 

Spiral Notebooks: fulfilled as we have a large supply 

Filler paper: fulfilled as we have a large supply

Graph paper (filler or spiral bound)

Post-It notes, 100 count, 3x3 cubes, assorted colors

Index cards, 3"x5", 100 count, ruled, white

12-inch rulers, with inch and centimeter on same ruler preferred, any color

Disinfectant wipes, 40+ count; any scent  

Tissues (Klennex); 120+ count preferred, any box size is acceptable

Protractors only

Index dividers, 5 color tabs preferred 

Scissors: child-safety (blunt), child regular (pointed), and adult regular

Headphones, basic overhead style; older students may have ear buds 

Scientific calculator – TI30XIIS (middle/high school level)

KinderMat (rest mats for kindergarten level)