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No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to assist residents of Piatt County.

Foundation History and Mission


          A Small Hand – Piatt County Cares, Inc.

     Piatt County Cares began about 15 years ago with a group of professional persons, working in and for Piatt County in all realms of social services.  The organization continually sought ways to fight poverty, family violence, and child abuse and has developed progressive programs that have proven effective change agents.  The members of Piatt County Cares work collaboratively and see first-hand where help is needed most. 

      The mission of Piatt County Cares is to bring the most desperate cases before the eyes of the community and ask for help.  With respect to these cases, there are no social programs currently available for which the individual qualifies and which meet his or her unique situation.  It is heartbreaking to tell families that there are no resources available to help them live in a safe and healthy environment.  Oftentimes, these are the situations that the elderly and disabled face -- but not exclusively.

     In November 2013, the needs of young families with toddlers and infants came to the forefront and A Small Hand Diaper and Infant Needs Pantry was born.  In order to work, parents often have to put their little ones in day care centers, which generally require the use of disposable diapers.   Diapers are expensive and impose a financial burden on families who are already struggling to provide the basic necessities for their children.  To lessen the burden, diapers are not changed frequently which results in rash, infections, and trips to convenient care, sending the family further into debt. 

     To address this dilemma, A Small Hand provides up to  100 diapers,  per month,  per child,  up to the age of 2½ years, accompanied by baby wipes and hygiene products if available and needed.   Members of our community have also donated blankets, baby food, formula, and picture books for the children.  Records are kept, and only qualified families are allowed to participate.  It is a joy to see happy, healthy babies when they come to visit.

      As children grow, families anxiously prepare for school and find themselves faced with the substantial cost of school supplies.   To meet this need, in April 2014, Starting Out Right-Piatt County IL was developed. This is a backpack and school supply assistance program. Families must apply annually, and are qualified based on income or hardship, and the size of the household. New school supplies and backpacks are donated by community villages, businesses, churches, and residents. Once families are approved, they attend a set distribution date where their child(ren), with the help of a volunteer, pick out their supplies from our donated items. Each backpack is filled based on each child's grade level and their school's specific supply list. 

     In 2018, A Small Hand and Piatt County Cares merged. The State of Illinois approved the formation of A Small Hand - Piatt County Cares, Inc. (ASM-PCC) and the Federal government granted a tax-exempt status as a Section 501(c) charity.  The combination of A Small Hand and Piatt County Cares allows us to operate more efficiently to meet the needs of Piatt County residents who have no where to turn.

     ​Through several Facebook pages, we provide weekly updates of what services A Small Hand, Piatt County Cares, and Starting Out Right are in need of based on new clients. (see above tabs for more details)