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A Small Hand

A Small Hand was formed November 2013 out of the basic need of helping the youngest members of our community, infants and toddlers, with necessary diapers.  Across the United States of America, low-income and hardship families are having to make a decision between purchasing diapers, or paying a bill.  This struggle results in many parents being forced to leave their infants and toddlers in a single, dirty diaper for a longer period of time before changing their child.  The long term affect typically is severe diaper rash, with infections, resulting in trips to the emergency room and/or convenient care for treatment.  Though we would love to help all, A Small Hand was created to help those within Piatt County IL.

Time and time again, we've heard the age-old "Why don't these parents just use cloth diapers?!?" or  "Cloth diapers are cheaper, make the parents use them."  The answer is two-fold: 1. day-care homes and centers

WILL NOT allow cloth diapers to be used while a child is under their care. 2. most low-income families do not have access to washing machines to properly wash and disinfect the dirty cloth diapers.  These factors force low-income and hardship families to have to use disposable diapers. 

As the diaper pantry grew over the next couple of months, and with continual governmental cut-backs on many WIC and SNAP services, it was quickly determined the diaper pantry needed to expand services to include supplemental formula, baby food, bottles, blankets, equipment, name a few. 

A Small Hand has been warmly welcomed by the community members of Piatt County through generous monetary and product donations. Time and time again, these donations allow us to provide our littlest community members a fighting chance.  Every dollar and every product received stays within Piatt County.  We also rely on our unpaid volunteers to help keep our program running smoothly.

In April 2014, we added another service....a backpack and school supply assistance program, Starting Out Right.  This program offers a new backpack and all the necessary school supplies based on each qualifying child's grade and school's supply list.  In 2014, we set an original goal of distributing fifty; however, this number quickly increased, and we ultimately distributed 257 filled backpacks county-wide.  For 2015, we have set a hefty goal of distributing 500 filled backpacks in August.  

Our latest addition, for the fall/winter of 2015, will be a mobile pantry.  We plan to travel throughout Piatt County, each month, bringing the basic necessities to those families unable to travel to Monticello.  Once fully operational, a calendar will be created with dates, times, locations, and available items of the mobile pantry.

We are paving such a great road with all of the programs that other counties want to duplicate our programs. 

​Through several Facebook pages, we provide weekly updates of what services A Small Hand has completed and what we are in need of based on new clients.  

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No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to assist the children of Piatt County.

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